Security system with RFID chips in IVF treatments

IVFID puts an end to scary questions in IVF treatments such as “Can oocytes, sperms or embryos get mixed up?”, “Is there a risk of mixing up in IVF?”, “Is the IVF treatment safe?” or “What if my embryo gets mixed up too?”

What is IVFID Witness? IVFID is a security system with RFID chips that is specifically produced for IVF clinics. It is a security – witness system that ensures that sperm and oocyte samples belonging to patients in IVF treatment are impeccably matched with wireless RFID chips and that data is wirelessly verified – matched in all stages of treatment (collection of sperm, collection of oocytes, tracking of oocytes, oocyte and sperm process (ICSI), embryo transfer procedure, embryo and sperm cryo-thaw processes).

While IVF treatments are globally becoming more and more popular, bad examples that occur as a result of oocytes and sperms getting mixed up have brought about irreparable consequences. IVFID Witness System has been developed to prevent this security flaw in IVF treatments. It ensures auto-control and safety for patients and IVF clinics during the treatment.

The system is operated through an RFID system which has wireless electronic radio waves. The Patient Wristband that is given to the patient at the beginning of the treatment and single-use RFID labels that are used throughout the treatment are matched. All procedures to be performed in laboratories and operating rooms are verified wirelessly. Moreover, all single-use materials that are used have labels containing the name of the patient-spouse and the patient number beside RFID chips.

Laboratory procedures are performed only by the authorized personnel. During the treatment, the patient is informed about the procedure through the information on LCD panels, which reinforces the feeling of safety for the patient. Lab personnel can enter patient data into the system by using LCD tablet panels. All operational information including the name of the procedure, personnel, date-time, the type of procedure, the area where the procedure is performed etc. is recorded on the main system. In the case of a sample mismatch, the system blocks itself out and does not allow the procedure to continue. Authorized personnel are also simultaneously informed via specified alarm methods (e-mail, mobile application, audial/visual alarm etc.).

It is a complete, overall security system intended to prevent problems that may occur in IVF clinic laboratories that operate in a classical way. It also ensures that lab personnel comply with the workflow of the system. The workflow is maintained under the control of the system rather than that of the personnel.

Personnel-based authorization can be applied, and double-verification can be implemented. Each personnel can use the system in a different language thanks to the multilingual package.

Our system incorporates also DONOR and SURROGATE MOTHER modules. With these unique modules, it is possible to search for desired features in the donor and surrogate mother database. It has detailed search features. It is possible to use filters such as blood type, age, skin color, race, hair color etc.

With the treatment planning module (TREATMENT START), a Recipient, Donor (or various donors) and Surrogate Mother can be assigned. It is also possible to make changes during the procedure.

The existence of the IVFID system has also positive effects on the patients who come to the clinic for treatment. The patient feels safe throughout the treatment

 “Give your patients a unique experience”
“Provide safety for both your patients and yourselves.”



With our IVFID Witness Mobile Application, your clinic is always with you and under control.

IVFID Witness Mobile Application
IVFID Witness Mobile Application

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