Who Are We?

Our organization, providing computer services and support services for many small- and middle-sized enterprises since 1996, started to produce project-based special software for various sectors under a new organization with a software team formed in 2006. The company entered the health sector in 2010 and started to develop web-internet projects related to IVF centers in 2011.

With the experience acquired in the health sector since 2010, our firm, which has been carrying out its activities under a new organization titled DeGoDe Teknoloji Hizmetleri San. ve Tic. Ltd.Şti., created TupBebeX IVF Management Software in 2012, which is intended solely for IVF Centers. Synthesizing the needs of the IVF sector, our firm created IVFID Witness System in 2014, which ensured the safety of all treatment processes and laboratory procedures used in IVF treatments. Our new product came to be used in many centers in a very short time.

Tank Controls, which enables the management and tracking of liquid nitrogen tanks where frozen samples (Embryo, Oocyte and Sperm) are preserved, was presented to the sector in 2017. We have expanded our service range with this product that facilitates the work business processes of embryology – andrology laboratories such as 2D mapping of all frozen samples, tracking of occupation rates and time tracking.

The Laboratory Quality Management System titled IVF TRACK has been brought into existence as of 2020.

Our firm continues to develop new products with years of knowledge acquired in the IVF sector.

We provide service only for IVF clinics with our software and support team consisting of 14 people. Instead of package software that operate within standard patterns regarding IVF, our current systems produce flexible solutions that can fully adapt to the work processes of clinics.

We would like to know you and become business partners.

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Building Blocks of the FirmOur History

March, 1996

Company was established. Since then Our organization has been providing computer services and support services for many small and middle-sized enterprises.

February, 2006

Started to develop project-based special software for various sectors under a new organization with a software team formed in 2006

Jul, 2010

Became acquainted with health sector in 2010 and developed web-internet projects for IVF clinics starting from 2011.

May, 2011

IVF Clinic Management Software was launched.

Oct, 2014

IVFID Witness System was launched.

March, 2018

Tank Control Cryo Management System was launched.

Feb, 2019

International marketing, distribution and sales activities started.

June, 2021

Tank Control Mobile RFID Reader was added to Tank Contro System.

Dec, 2022

Fingerprint Authentication was added to IVFID Witness System.

Feb, 2023

Face Match Authentication & AI tool for choosing the best matching donor was added to IVFID Witness System.

Jul, 2023

IVFID Technology Solution S.r.o. was established in Slovakia.

Jan, 2024

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