Data logging and Monitoring Systems for IVF Labs.

  • Data related to the temperature, humidity, O2, Co2, room pressure etc. of incubators, freezers and work areas (embryology, andrology, operating room etc.) in IVF laboratories is constantly recorded.
  • All data is recorded on the secure cloud system. All recordings can be tracked through a web browser or mobile application (IOS and Android).
  • All data can be reported with date criteria or device filters.
  • All reports can be transferred to Excel.
  • Low- and top-level alarm criteria can be separately created for all devices.  The client can be instantly informed through an e-mail or a notification message in the mobile application when the alarm rings.
  • It can be used in English, Turkish and Russian thanks to the multilingual support (Extra languages can be added).
  • Thanks to a large LCD screen to be placed in your laboratory, all data can be consolidated and watched (optional).
  • All past data can be reached and reported with unlimited data recording.
  • All recorded data is registered with encryption in the secure database.
  • Server costs can be avoided thanks to the cloud technology that is offered.
  • Each clinic can reach only its data.
  • All dataflow is secure thanks to the SSL certificate.
  • You can monitor your laboratory and work area everywhere with the mobile application.
  • It can work in full integration with our IVFID Electronic Witness System. Your patient information can be automatically assigned to the slots in your incubators.
  • You can also track if there are any samples in the incubators where the alarm rings.
  • Stable measurements can be taken using sensitive data reading sensors.

It uses sensors that work wirelessly without a mess of cables..